Wrapped in Leather

Ask me if I’d rather wear sneakers or heels? The answer is always sneakers. But not all outfits look great with sneakers and I will be the first to admit that.

This wrapped leather skirt from Zara was a purchase from last season, I have been trying to find an excuse to wear it with sneakers or at least kitten heels and no such luck. Now while I still search for the perfect small heel to go with this look my all time favorite Steve Madden heels will do.

And then I broke the strap.

Thanks to Coronavirus I am unable to get them fixed until shoe makers are allowed to reopen. Never did I think I could relate to Carrie Bradshaw losing shoes or breaking a heel.

So I am going to admire this outfit that I absolutely love and can’t wait to have an excuse to wear it somewhere.

These knit ribbed tops have been my favorite, it gives me a 90’s vibe that I can dress up or down. Bra straps and all. This knit ribbed top is from Dynamite Clothing which is no longer available but I’d never leave my followers without some options of where else to get similar items. Check out options below!

This knotted leather midi skirt caught my eye at Zara and I knew I wanted it. Where id wear it I don’t know. But it was going to be part of my collection. The knot detail draws the perfect amount of attention to my waist and the silhouette of my curves.

Together this is a fun all black badass outfit. It is more of the girlier side of my style while the leather skirt adds a rock and roll feel.

You can still be a total badass in a skirt. Just don’t forget the attitude in your smize.

Outfit details….

Xx Sarah

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