LuLu’s Olive Denim Overall Dress

Overalls. When was the last time you wore them? For me, it was when I was in grammar school and it was that in-between stage of life. Where you still dressed like a kid but were on the brink of becoming a teenager. Since then I never looked back at wanting to wear them again. Until I saw this look on Pinterest.

Never did I think that I wanted to own a piece of clothing that was anywhere near overalls. I mean honestly the last time I wore them it was my mother’s khaki overalls that I wore with a baby blue shirt. Talk about a sign of the times! This olive green overall dress completely changed my mind. It was a bit different compared to the denim overalls that I associate with that “pre-teen” style memory. 

This look was completely up my alley. It was sporty, casual, and a bit edgy. I loved the idea of a cropped tank with this to show off extra skin, especially during this heatwave. We’d all rather be at the beach so the less layers we have the better! 

Although I couldn’t find this exact olive green overall dress with the wrapped skirt, LuLu’s had the cutest overall dress that was pretty similar. I ordered a size small since the reviews said it runs bigger, plus I’d prefer a more fitted look. I still have plenty of wiggle room too with the small! 

I paired it with this Zara Ribbed Crop Top instead of a bandeau top as the Pinterest look had shown. My accessories were some new and some old picks from my closet like my converse sneakers and Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Bag.  I recently purchased these Cateye Sunglasses from Amazon and they did not disappoint! 

Searching for inspiration on Pinterest is always so much fun. But don’t forget to always put your own style spin on the looks!

Outfit details…


Xx Sarah

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