Amazon Mini Leather Skirt: Styled 3 ways

This Amazon mini skirt was probably my best find of 2020. Not only does it fit perfectly but there is a multitude of ways to wear it – casual, edgy, or girly. I’ve created three different looks for each of these styles, all of which encompass a different part of my personal style. Although it is summer, you can still wear a leather skirt if styled right or just not on a day where a heatwave is happening.

First look: Casual

This Beatles cropped tank has been in my possession for years – clearly, I don’t wear it as often as I should because it still looks brand new! I picked this up from Forever 21 many, many years ago simply because I’m a big Beatles fan. Since then I have worn it once, up until recently. This style top has been my heavy favorite lately and my main source of inspiration. I paired this with low top converse sneakers that are always my go-to for any casual look. These accessories are a bit of something old and something new. My new cat-eye sunglasses from Amazon and quilted mask from Etsy paired with my favorite Rebecca Minkoff Quilted bag. 


Outfit details…


Second look: Edgy


By far this is one of my favorite looks of the three! It is something I would wear, Dr. Martens included, if I could go out and about pre-COVID. This cropped Nirvana tee shirt is from Tilly’s and I found it on sale, again I purchased this because I am also a fan of Nirvana and In Utero is one of their albums that I’ve listened to a million times over. Pairing it with Dr. Martens 1460’s definitely gives it more of an edgier look. If you’d prefer to keep this casual I’d recommend a pair of high top or low top converse sneakers. The contrast of this look with the field backdrop is giving me all of the In Utero vibes and I find it incredibly fitting. 


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Third look: Girly


My hair was clearly not cooperating by the time we shot this look and frankly, it was nearly one hundred degrees. This top is from Zara and it is giving me all of the 90’s vibes, the ribbed tank gave more texture to the look which I loved. Wearing these slide-on sandals from Aldo’s gave this a girlier and a dressier look. I’m still on the fence about this girly look, I’d much prefer my original look from the winter with the tulle sleeve top from Amazon


Outfit details…



Which is your favorite look?

Xx Sarah

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