High Waisted Flared Pants with an Edge

I love flared pants – sue me! Express dress pants have always fit me so well and I love that this style accentuates my shape. I styled it to be more casual and edgy since that is my typical go-to look. It is also something that I’d absolutely wear out with friends this fall since outdoor dining is year-round now in NYC. 

An easy way to make any outfit casual is by adding a graphic tee – like this Karl Lagerfeld Terminator shirt (closet archives). I picked this shirt because it had a nice pop of red and it is nice to add a little bit of color every now and then! To add more edge to the look I wore my pyramid double studded belt, this is one of the oldest closet archives I have – it’s from high school! Although I used to always say Hot Topic was such a rip off with prices, at least this item aged pretty well. 

My new faux leather jacket from Zara is my new favorite. Now that I’ve retired some of those, it was time for a new jacket to join the club. I wore this draped over my shoulders for a chicer look, the reality is the more I moved the more it fell off my shoulders. It still made for some killer photos!

Of course, I’m wearing my converse sneakers, I don’t care what anyone says they go with just about everything! And to polish the look off I wore my favorite Amazon sunglass find, these square cat-eye sunglasses



Xx Sarah

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