3 Ways to Style Faux Leather Leggings

Faux leather leggings have always been my most coveted items for the fall/winter. Why? Because you can look stylish and be comfortable all at the same time. Especially nowadays, who the hell has worn actual pants since March? If you have then bless your soul, I’m pretty sure I have worn jeans a hand full of times since the beginning of the year. 

Since I have 3 key styles on this blog, I wanted to showcase all 3 of them in these Express Faux Leather leggings!


I’ve already shared this on the blog already to showcase the tunic sweater from Target. And it is definitely a fun favorite casual look that I will be wearing all winter. 



Outfit details…



This has got to be a look I have been dreaming about sharing. Maybe not so much in the rain but you get the point. I love a good faux leather legging look with an oversized blazer. This blazer from Dynamite has been in my closet for years now and I love that it is so soft. I took a waisted belt to keep the blazer closed mostly but it definitely added a fun balance to the look. And I wore my classic all time favorite Steve Madden Suede booties to add some more texture to the all-black ensemble. Also, how do we feel about my hair up? Do we like it or do we hate it?



Outfit details…



To think I nearly got rid of this draped plaid top from Zara – I am so happy I didn’t! This was a quick easy way to bring the look from dressy to edgy. I love the knot detail in the front of the dress and the long tunic style Zara had for this top. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything super similar but I did find this super cute top from Amazon that I think would be just perfect for this season. 



Outfit details…


Xx Sarah

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