Seeing Red

I read somewhere online that if you wear red you become more attractive to a man. As a single woman in my thirties, I laughed when I read this “fact.” Dating has sure put me through the wringer, I’ve debated getting botox from the stress lines I’ve developed and sending the bill to the “almost” boyfriend. Besides that it is a hilarious idea, I truly think these boys will see red when they get the bill. So I opted to wear red instead. 

Reds come in many hues and I was looking for a very specific hue of red. Not too orange, not faded but that perfect bright red. MAC cosmetics ruby woo lipstick color specifically. My search was high and low – formal gowns and attire was all I could find. A wine red wasn’t the color I was willing to settle for, I wanted Santa Clause RED! While digging through the racks at Zara’s mega sale, I pulled out this romper. I wasn’t too certain but for again for $15 I’m not going to say no. 

After trying it on I thought, what the hell was I thinking?! Red is a tough color to pull off, with no makeup on and my hair a mess I felt like a smudged lipstick mess… with major static cling mind you. I took this long-sleeved romper with me anyway to my session with Amanda. 

This was my favorite look. With the black stockings and platform sandals, it was the look I had envisioned! Now for Valentine’s day, I plan on sitting back and crying that the New York Rangers aren’t playing so I’ll just watch a bunch of horror movies in this outfit instead.  



Xx Sarah

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