Fashion Trend: Backless

Fashion trends – they come, they go. What really stays and what should we really pay attention to? Personally, I believe that we should pay attention to the trends that catch our own eye that resonate with our personal style. If 2020 taught me anything, it’s that going braless is one of the most freeing feelings. So why not gravitate towards clothing that offers me just that?

Last spring, Alexander McQueen showcased their stunning backless suit that Kia Gerber wore beautifully. This is where I drew some of my inspiration from with this look… but of course I made it my own. 

This cropped backless top from Zara was on the sales rack and for $15 I couldn’t say no. I chose a size small so that I would feel a bit more secure and have a more fitted look. Since my top was cropped and rather revealing, I decided to pair it with my favorite high waisted flared pants from Express. Plus I love to wear a monochromatic black outfit. 

Our session was at Peer Studios and it allowed me the creative freedom to kick the sneakers and heels to the side. I’ve always admired the stunning Vogue editorial looks with the models barefoot… sometimes you just need to kick your shoes off and be comfortable. I did just that. 




Xx Sarah

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