The Year of the Shacket

The shacket. Is this even still trending? I’m absolutely late to the game but honestly, I wasn’t able to go many places in 2020 so I refused to spend money on new clothes that I couldn’t really wear.  Now my therapist may argue that I need to go outside and get fresh air, hence a jacket or shacket, will be needed. But the reality is I am working remotely still much like the rest of the world and I often pick my head up to realize the sun is setting. End rant.

Back to the shacket. I wasn’t too sure what the hype was about with this trend. In a sense, I sort’ve already own a shacket from years back and I haven’t worn it since 2019! This cropped shacket from Zara caught my eye for the most obvious reasons – it was black and white. My absolute favorite colors to wear! I kept the tags on in case I decided it wasn’t worth the small splurge. 

Once I styled this with a mini skirt that I also picked up from Zara, I saw the potential and the fascination from everyone else. It is easy to throw on (or pull over your head because you are too lazy to unbutton it like I am) and lightweight too. We all know that in-between weather will be approaching eventually and I’m really excited to take this into the early spring with me. 




Xx Sarah

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