Restyling My Favorite Winter Items

We all tend to gravitate towards certain items in our closets all the time, especially when we truly love them. As many tops, shirts, skirts, pants, jeans, sweaters, dresses, shoes, sneakers galore that we have – we wear the same damn things all the time. I know I do, and you probably do too. Lately I’ve been trying to find a new way to restyle some of my favorite items and with this look I’ve managed to do just that. 

This coat from Zara is just oh so pretty and it has unfortunately spent so much time being hung up in my closet the past year. I had to show it some sunshine (even though I was taking photos indoors). Instead of grabbing my Free People tunic I went for this super cozy sweater from Target. I’ve featured it once before here on the blog and I still stand by wearing it. I feel like I am wrapped in a blanket, and on snowy days in the winter it is exactly what you want to be feeling. 

The Amazon faux leather skirt. I mean my followers really decided this was a keeper for me and ya’ll were absolutely right! I cannot wait to wear this out in public one day soon, even if it’s the dead of summer – I’ve pulled off the look once before. Plus it added more texture to the look which I love to do. 

Xx Sarah

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