Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

Dry skin. Its flakey, rough, sometimes itchy and a good ole pain in the ass during the winter months. Since I could remember I’ve always had dry skin. “You take hot showers for too long,” “You don’t drink enough water,” “Use more moisturizer!” Constant nags (mostly from my mother) whenever I ever tell anyone about my dry skin. 

No one likes to hear what you are doing WRONG in any situation. So why not nicely respond with what you could do to help it instead? This is the approach I’d like to take for this blog post.

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KKW Beauty: Mrs. West Collection First Impression

The amount of times I mention her name on my blog is ridiculous. Kim Kardashian has always been a fashion, style and beauty inspiration to me. Not to mention a hell of a businesswoman. We’re both Libras, love fashion, have a booty and we both can’t dance… I could go on but that isn’t the point of this post.

When she came out with the KKW Beauty line I was stoked. It took me a bit of time to order from her site because I really prefer to sample the product prior to purchasing. Her collaboration with Mario is still on my radar, but when I saw the Mrs. West collection I immediately knew I had to have everything. I still remember seeing her wedding photos for the first time and fell in love with her makeup look. Stalking the internet for the exact products that she used, and I’m pretty sure I still have it saved somewhere. But this collection took me one step closer to achieving that look… just for every day though… I’m not getting married any time soon…

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Summer Mermaid Makeup

Beauty posts are kinda few and far in between on my blog unless I am super inspired. Make up is a fun hobby that I experiment daily on my face… Sephora is a candy store and danger zone for my wallet as I am constantly looking for new things to buy and to try out. I have been following Jaclyn Hill for some time now, way before I ever thought about starting a blogging. When I saw that she was coming out with a palette collaboration with Morphe I was super excited.. she has talked about this brand so much and its affordability. I had yet to order anything from them for one reason or another but I was determined to purchase this the day it came out. Stressed wasn’t even the word, I refreshed my browser a million times leading up until the launch time. Luckily I was able to get it before it sold out… and boy did it live up to all expectations.

Jaclyn always talks about how she loves creamy and potent shadows where the colors are going to stick. And I agree, its a pain to pack on a ton of color when it would be easier and more buy worthy if I knew a product was going to last me a bit longer too. These shadows are to die for! so beautiful every single one of them. These blue/green hues caught my attention immediately, I love adding a pop of color to my look in a different way. Although I would love to have an event where I could wear a bright color on my eye lids, I always tend to go for the same natural smokey looks. Using the shadow as my bottom liner and under my eye was so much fun… Since it is summer it reminded me a bit of a mermaid vibe and I had a ton of fun putting this look together..

Read more below about which shadows I used!

JH Morphe Pallette Mermaid Eyes
Photo taken from Morphe’s Website (link below for Palette purchasing info)
  • Base Shadow: Using the color “Enlight” all over my lid all the way to the brow bown
  • Lid Shadow #1: Using a flat brush I packed on “Obsessed” all over the lid for some extra shimmer.
  • Lid Shadow #2: Packing this darker shade “Hustle” over “Obsessed” to mix the 2 colors together, I wanted to create a hue of these 2 colors.
  • Crease Shadow: Mixing “Silk Creme” and “M.F.E.O.”  together for a nice brown crease shadow.. I always use these types of colors in my crease for every day looks.
  • Bottom Shadow: Picking up some “Jada” I lined the bottom part of my eye lid for a pop of color, this was the perfect base and mix to add “Pool Party” together they made a beautiful color.

I threw on a winged liner and some mascara and completed the look. Since it was so hot out I skipped the lashes and just used some mascara. My mermaid summer look was then complete!


You can get on the list for the next time this palette is available here.

xx Sarah


Silver & Gold: Holiday Make-up Looks

Continuing with the make up looks this week.. These can be worn for Christmas or even New Years. I love both looks!


Silver Look Details:



  1. Laura Mercier powder under my eyes… this is going to get messy ladies!
  2. Inner corner of my eyes: I used Verve from the front of my eye to the middle, then packing on Pistol in the middle.
  3. Middle to outer corner of my eyes: I blended Pistol and MAC Knight Divine together
  4. Crease: I went in with a MAC Brush using Satin Taupe to blend out my crease.. I then took a MAC Brush to blend everything out.. constantly blending this look. Since my eyes really pop when I add some purple shadow, I took the color Busted and added this to my crease as well.. blend, blend, blend!
  5. Using the Urban Decay Setting Spray I picked up the color Gun Metal from the first palette and sprayed some setting spray.. I placed this color on the middle of my eyes for more of a silver effect.
  6. Outer Corner: because I can’t help myself when it comes to a smokey eye I added some of the color Dark side to the outer corners of my eyes and blended this until I was satisfied with the look.
  7. Smoke it out! : using a smudging brush, I first took MAC Knight Divine and blended this on my bottom lash line.. after I cleaned the brush off and picked up the same Dark side color and went over this for a more layered effect.
  8. Liner & Lashes: this was a huge tip from my cousin, I used the gel liner before adding my false lashes.



Golden Look Details:


  1. Again I used the Laura Mercier (linked above) powder to set under my eyes, I knew this was going to get a little messy.
  2. I packed on the UD half baked color all over my lid, I wanted this to be mainly gold and not have any other shades of gold involved.
  3. Crease: I blended MAC Soft Brown in my crease to soften this look, since it is a matte color I knew it wouldn’t take away from the golden look I was trying to achieve.
  4. Liner: I can’t resist a good winged liner look and I normally do this with a very neutral look, since this was going to be festive I decided to wing it. Using the Kat Von D Tattoo Liquid liner it was a bit easier to draw out my desired winged look rather than using the gel liner. I haven’t used this liner much but I expected the pigmentation to be deeper since it is a black liner. I had to go over my liner a few times to get the dark black look I wanted.
  5. Mascara & Lashes!
  6. Lips: Oh this lip color is just. I don’t even have a word. It SLAYS. This is by Colour Pop Cosmetics in the shade prim.


xx Sarah


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Frosty Makeup Look


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done any make up looks. Honestly I was waiting to get my new camera so I could have better quality photos of my make up looks. I’ve seen this look all over social media, at least the eye make up.. even on the run ways. But I have never tried it out myself. With this frosty look I wanted to add a pop of color with the Too Faced Matte Liquid lip in Candy Cane. It is the holiday season after all.. Might as well try to be festive!




Top details.. Free People Ottoman Cotton Textured Turtleneck Tunic | similar cheaper option from Tillys or Forever 21



xx Sarah


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Calling all VIB’s : Sephora’s VIB Sale!



This was dangerous news given to a girl who needs a chaperon while shopping in Sephora. Simply because I become a kid in a candy store and suddenly want everything.. I quickly go from ok here is my list and these are the only products I need to… Well… the bratty girl from Willy Wonka..


Ah, it happens to the best of us ladies. But we must stay strong! Or at least try to… We know Sephora will still love us if we walk away from a majority of the products we are lusting after. Which brings me to the theme of this post.. Items I purchase vs. Items I am lusting for.. Let’s begin shall we?



I have very dry skin, having a good moisturizer is key. And I have searched high and low for the perfect moisturizer for my skin type.

What I used to use…


First Aid Ultra Repair Cream : When I first began my research I originally discovered an amazing and highly reviewed moisturizer. I saw that Sephora carried it and hurried to my local Sephora.. only to find out they do not carry it in stores. Since my skin was flaking terribly I needed something in the interim. A sale associate suggested this moisturizer since it was similar to the brand I was lusting after. I gave it a whirl, but ultimately.. it was not for me. I didn’t like the way it made my skin feel nor did it moisturize my skin. So I quickly abandoned this for what I currently use.

What I use…


CLINIQUE Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion : This product WORKS. I got the entire dry/combination set (all 3 steps) and I couldn’t be happier with how my skin turned out. I use this product every few days, since my skin is very sensitive I don’t want to over use the products and have a reaction on my face. The downside about this product is that it is best used with all 3 steps. When you run out of Step 1 and you have a HUGE bottle of step 2 (toner) and plenty of moisturizer, you can immediately notice the difference… which brings me to the original product I had been searching for…

What I lust for…


EmbryolisseLait-Crème Concentré : This is THE PRODUCT I was speaking about earlier. I cannot believe the reviews, the amazing reviews on this product. Clinque made me forget about this product for awhile but now I think its time to make the little splurge.


A good primer is where every gal needs to begin. Personally, I have very dry skin so it is important that I have a good base down before putting my foundation and concealer on.. I don’t want my make-up caking up or becoming flakey.

What I use…


Make-Up Forever HD Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer : This has definitely become a go-to product I use before applying ANY make-up to my face. Since I have such dry skin this gives me a nice hydrating base.

What I lust for…


Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist : I first discovered this from none other than Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist Mario. THANK YOU! When I first heard about it this wasn’t available in stores just yet, that’s how early I found out about it – if you can’t tell I tend to be ahead of the curve in finding products, I just happen to stumble upon these things… any way, I had to find something else in the mean time which is why I’ve stuck with the Make-up Forever primer. However, when I got my make-up done for Halloween at Sephora, she used this product and I felt the difference. If I’m going to splurge on something, this would definitely be it.


What I use…


Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation : Over the summer I discovered this product through Jaclyn Hill’s youtube videos. She also has dry skin so I trust her when it comes to these product reviews… what’s so great about this foundation you ask? Well it works for ALL SKIN TYPES. I REPEAT. ALL. SKIN. TYPES. Dry? its great. Oily? Still works. Combination? Hell yes! I couldn’t believe it… So I went for a sample. Less than a week later I returned to purchase the product. I’ve used Josie Maran products before, particularly her oil. Sometimes I would mix it with my previous foundation and other times I would use it for spot treatment. This product is amazing!

What I lust for… The same product.. just for my casper winter face. So long summer tan, it was nice knowing you!


What I use & lust for…


Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Concealer : Jaclyn Hill. If you can’t tell I’m a fan/subscriber/follower of hers, well now you do. To quote our favorite show, Friends, she really meant it when she sings “I’ll be there for yoooouuu” Because the girl is ON POINT. I previously used a Bare Minerals concealer (which I will discuss below). But this concealer just takes the cake. Its such a potent concealer. I never need to use a ton of it because just a small amount of the product gives me such full coverage. Somehow I got this early in the summer before I had a tan, which is probably why I used it sparingly.. and I used this instead..


Bare minerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener : For a long while this was my ride or die concealer. Perfect amount of coverage and just enough to brighten my eyes. I LOVED it. And I still do. Because of the color I use (Luminous 1 – fair/pink) it compliments my skin tone. I have a bit of an undertone of pink.. and little bit of yellow but mostly pink. So this color is perfect for my fair winter looks.


What I use…


Too Faced Soleil Matte Bronzer : This has become my ride or die bronzer. It has nothing to do with the fact that it smells like chocolate. Ok, it has everything to do the with the fact that it smells like chocolate. When I became sick of my face being so damn shimmery from the MAC shimmery bronzer I had been using and the MAC matte orange bronzer that was making me look like an oompa loompa, I turned to Sephora for a better product. And they graced me with this. I use the medium chocolate shade which works for me year round. Keeping a light hand with the contouring in the winter and a heavier hand for the summer.


Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder: When I first purchased the Too Faced bronzer, I also purchased this. A girl needs options. The color I use is the Golden Light shade which works better for me during the summer time and the transition from summer to fall. Depending on the look I am going for I will pick this bronzer over the too-face.

What I lust for…


Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Matte Bronzer: Every girl has used this bronzer, Kim Kardashian and even my best friend.. I have even purchased it for her but for whatever reason never myself! It seems to be the magical bronzer in the Sephora home and I am dying to try it!


What I use…

Ok so I only have 2 blushes and they are both from MAC. Its time to expand..

What I lust for…


NARS Blush – Orgasm: This blush has been a super popular blush color for the longest time. For whatever reason I just never picked it up while at Sephora. It is pretty easy to get side tracked in that store. Anyway, if I had to expand on a blush.. It would be this one..


TARTE Tarteist Contour Palette: I only learned of this palette when I got my make-up done for Halloween. Briana said it was her jam. And she’s right, it is really awesome. I get everything in one if I buy this product, a bronzer, highlighter and blush. Perfect combo.


What I use…


BECCA Cosmetics Champagne Pop: if it weren’t for Jaclyn Hill I would have never thought to purchase a highlighter. At the time I was using the Bare Minierals stroke of light so who needed a highlighter. WRONG.


This is perfection for my pale casper skin tone and I use it year round. This is also the only highlighter that I even own. Time to expand don’t you think?

What I lust for…


Bobbi Brown Highlighter Powder: Once again this was brought to my attention for Halloween. She mixed a few highlighters together and I really loved this rosey tone. As I’ve mentioned I have a pink undertone so I like having this accented.


Milk Makeup Highlighter: I discovered this on instagram scrolling through god knows how long on what page. But I did find it intriguing and have always wanted to try it. Plus at its price point I feel as if its worth the gamble don’t you think?




I love a perfect cat eye. Sometimes it is a struggle to achieve that look, so I settle for a smokey eye to cover up the disaster that was once a cat eye.

What I use…


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil: These eyeliners are my RIDE OR DIE. Since high school I have been using this brand. It never fades and is such a potent product. I can go on for days about this but I won’t.. we have much more to discuss..

What I lust for…


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner: Now I did mention how I love a perfect cat eye. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with different types of liners to see if I can really get the hang of the perfect wing. And now. I’m ready for the splurge product. After consulting a fellow winged-liner specialist (my cousin in law’s sister), she confirmed what I already knew. That this was THE LINER to get.


Eye Shadow:

Now I have 4 Urban Decay Naked Palettes. All but the smokey. I love them. I truly truly do. The shadows are AMAZING. Except the fall out but no one is perfect. But we all need options and I needed to expand, so I did.

What I use…


BECCA Ombre Rouge Eye Palette: This was a birthday gift and lately I just ADORE IT. Jaclyn Hill raved about this last winter and I actually recommended it as a Christmas gift. For whatever reason I never purchased it myself, and I’m slightly regretting that because all of the awesomeness I was missing out on! UGH! such a sin! I love and adore all of these colors and it has become my go to every day palette.

What I lust for…


Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette By Mario: Currently this is out of stock. BUT I WILL BE PATIENT. Mario is Kim Kardashian’s make up artist and anything that he raves about I know is an amazing product. If I were to purchase another palette, it would definitely be this one. Sephora website, I WILL BE STALKING YOU.

Is it back in stock yet??


Drug Store. It is what I have always used and I STILL use these. Back in college I got the Dior mascara because you know “every girl had one so I just had to have one too” Not good. Not worth it. So I went back to the drug store products.. until a few months ago…

What I use…


Urban Decay Perversion Mascara: Oops I did it again. Another Urban Decay product.. Honestly it was one of those “I’m here to spend money so I’m going to pick up whatever I see” shopping moments. I’m glad I did.

What I lust for…


Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara: Fun fact about my lashes, they are damn long but they are so damn straight. To get these bad boys to curl it takes some time. Why not have a product that does both?

Lashes… Only recently did I begin to “dabble” with false lashes. I used to be very against them because well they feel weird when you have them on and I’m terrified of pulling out my real lashes. This changed obviously. As a beginner I’ve been using the Ardell lashes (which are not sold at Sephora) but its time…

What I lust for…


Hudda Beauty Classic False Lashes: aren’t they beautiful? If I’m going to jump to the nicer lashes why not start out with the lashes I’ve been hearing EVERYONE rave about.


House of Lashes Eyelash Adhesive: its an iridescent glue. I mean do I really have to say any more? Nope. It’s so pretty.woah.gif



Ok I have so many lipsticks. Over the summer I had to buy a lipstick rack. It ranges from drug store to MAC to Sephora products.

What I use…

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks: When they first came out I was like a little girl all over again. Just gazing wide eyed at all of the lipsticks not knowing where to start.. I have a few colors ranging from pinks to red in both cream and matte. Definitely worth investing in..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick: We all remember when the shade Lolita was so popular that it was forever sold out right? Ok well this is what caught my attention to her line. Back in college when her make-up line first came out I was a HUGE fan. But all she really had out was eye shadows and my palette soon died. When I found out she continued and had even more products out, I was THRILLED. This liquid lipstick is AMAZING. I love all three colors that I own and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I have a Lolita for the fall and winter and Lolita II for the summer. Its perfection. THANK YOU KAT!


Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Matte Lipstick: I’m blaming Briana from Sephora. If you ever read this, its all your fault of why I love this lipstick. It smells like a thin mint, chocolate and mint and the color. Oh the color! Girl. IT IS FABULOUS.

What I lust for…


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Troublemaker – Holiday Kiss Collection: So this shade is my new shade of red. I love it and I need it. For the holidays. For Christmas. SANTA ARE YOU READING THIS?!?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

NARS Audacious Lipstick: I’ll just show you all of the colors that I want and you tell me if I have a problem..


Finishing touches

Setting spray:

What I use….


Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray: Want to seal your entire make up look? Use this. You don’t need anything else. Although recommendation (also from Jaclyn Hill): spray this BEFORE you put on Mascara… so it doesn’t smudge. We don’t want a bad look ladies.



Godspeed shopping ladies!



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Copy Cat: Shay Mitchell Beauty look…

Shay posted this picture on her instagram Saturday night, research of this look began immediately.

Her make-up artist Patrick Ta posted the look’s details on his instagram. Half the battle was won, I already knew where to get her amazing lip color – MAC, High Drama Liquid Lip!

But going to MAC is dangerous for a make up addict like me… I often need to be supervised because who doesn’t want everything in a make up store. Shopping at MAC is much like Sarah Sanderson’s enchanting song…. it is so magical, it just draws you in… and once you’re there..its over.


They pull me in and I become a kid in a candy store… and then once I get to the counter to check out, here is my wallet’s reaction:


So here is my take on her look

These are unedited and unfiltered photos. I’m not truly a fan of how I look with my hair up but I figured I would try it out for a few (hundred) selfies 😜

Anyway, let’s get to the more important details of this post shall we. Products used…

Can’t forget about my sweater… I happened to stumble and by stumble I mean I was making an extremely quick exit from the mall so that no further shopping would occur post MAC enchanting purchases.. and then I saw Express was having a sale..


2 Sweaters and a pair of jeans (that were 40% off and a coupon) later… I found this Express Crew Neck Shaker Knit Sweater which is pretty similar to the one she is wearing in the picture. Did I purposely buy this sweater so I can match the exact photo she had?


OK FINE! Guilty…. But I really needed to buy new sweaters for the fall… I swear!


Can’t forget about my earrings! Can you guess where they are from?? You bet they are from Shay’s guest bartending line with Bauble bar! These are the bar earrings from her Questa Earring Trio. Read about my Bauble Bar haul here!

Now go grab a slice of victory pizza & enjoy rocking this look!




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Skeletal hand

Continuing with this weeks theme of beauty.. lets try the darker side shall we…


Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday. I love every bit of it. So all of October I like to celebrate. For whatever reason I do like skulls, I know it’s morbid and all but I clearly do not care. I saw this photo on Pintrest over the summer and was immediately inspired.

The inspiration:

My final look:

Disclaimer: I am not a professional makeup artist nor do I claim to be one. This is just me having fun.

How I created this…

Materials used:


  1. Primer: Urban Decay Naked concealer. I wanted the makeup to have a bit of a base so it would hold onto my hand. (This was wiped off multiple times in the processes of creating this look.. woops!)
  2. Outline: I started by outlining the nose on my finger by using the angled brush with Urban Decay Blackout and worked my way downwards. I literally copied the pattern on the photo.
  3. Once I was satisfied with the outline, even if it’s a bit messy, I went over it with Urban Decay perversion liner.. this helped me blend out for the shadow effect.
  4. White out: since it’s a lot of shadowing, I used the Urban Decay white liner (yeyo) to fill in the open spaces, I then used a flat headed brush which comes in the UD2 pallet with MAC crystal Avalanche and packed it on the white liner. This became very smudged but I wanted it to look heavily shadowed.
  5. Liner: I went back over my lines with the liquid liner to make them stand out even more. This was mainly for the teeth since in the blending process they became rather smudged.
  6. For the jaw line I used a mix of UD Bootie call and verve for a darker look. I went back with black out and filled in any areas that needed to be blacked out.

Every so often I would hold my hand up on my face and make sure I had the angles I was looking for. If you’d like me to record myself doing these looks in the future please do let me know. I love sharing my looks and how I do them!

Stay tuned for more looks!

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Purple lips

This weeks theme is BEAUTY! All make up looks happening this week!

It’s a bold look. I took a chance. Here it is.

Products used:

How to wing it:

The cat eye effect, winged liner that cuts. I LOVE wearing this look. What I don’t love is the struggle to get it. I know beauty guru’s on YouTube say practice makes perfect and everyone has 100 different ways on how to do winged liner. To each their own. Why? Because it’s stressful. I cannot tell you have many times I have nearly cried because one side comes out beautiful and the other side is just not on point… like hello get it together it’s time to be fierce

Needless to say I’m currently experimenting with my winged liner products. The Beauty Blender Liner Designer slightly helps with this problem. Depending on the product that you are using depends on results in my opinion. This look I am wearing it really helped me greatly. I used an ELF angled liner brush to help me achieve this look. I am still in search for the brush that I feel most comfortable with. Luck just happened to be on my side with this winged look and I was damn proud of it! 

Review: do I think the Liner Designer is worth it? Probably. If you are just starting out and struggling like I am then it’s a great tool to use in the beginning. The more I used it more comfortable to became going freehanded since I learned how to achieve the shape.

Choice of liner: my girl Jaclyn Hill raves about this liner. Since it’s a drug store brand I didn’t mind checking it out. Although I kinda have to disagree with the coloring, I noticed that my liner would fade after applying it. Still on the hunt for the perfect gel liner… or liner in general.

Oh and since my blog is mostly about fashion I can’t end a post without letting you know what I wore 😉 

What I’m wearing..


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