Summer Outfit Ideas

Summer is just around the corner and we may or may not still be in quarantine. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t want to dress nice right? Most of us are focused on when this will all be over and we can begin to transition into a normal phase of life. So why not focus on something we can control? What we wear!

You are going to be in shock but I have a lot of colorful suggestions here and it isn’t the language I’m writing either…

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May Wishlist

It didn’t feel right to do a wishlist or favorites recently given the times. And let’s be honest here, we’ve all been wearing sweat pants daily.

So I’ve been slowly adding things to wear for when this is all over (whenever that might be). And they are…

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Escaping Anxiety

Feeling engulfed in your anxiety is an experience that not many can explain to others when you are in the depths of it. Everything feels blurred and yet you feel every emotion so strongly. Heart racing, no appetite, and just a constant feeling of fear. 

From roughly April 2016 to August 2016 I was in the pit of hell with my anxiety. To give you all a bit of a background on some of the things that transpired leading up to my mental break of 2016:

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Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

Dry skin. Its flakey, rough, sometimes itchy and a good ole pain in the ass during the winter months. Since I could remember I’ve always had dry skin. “You take hot showers for too long,” “You don’t drink enough water,” “Use more moisturizer!” Constant nags (mostly from my mother) whenever I ever tell anyone about my dry skin. 

No one likes to hear what you are doing WRONG in any situation. So why not nicely respond with what you could do to help it instead? This is the approach I’d like to take for this blog post.

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Editorial Fashion: Quarantine Style

Editorial fashion has always been a source of my inspiration, its raw, a fantasy and triggers passion. Since I was a little girl I was always in awe at high fashion ads in Vogue, every look was more impressive than the next. The reality is we’re not all walking around in editorial fashion 24/7 – we’re human. Who doesn’t love a good pair of loungewear or to throw on jeans and a tee? Every now and then I become inspired to get dressed up. Where am I going in these outfits? 

Probably to go pick up a pizza. 

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Mind. Fashion. Beauty

You might be wondering why the name change? To be honest when I first started this blog I was so deep with my anxiety that I couldn’t decide on a cool name. I knew that I wanted it to be memorable and had a great story behind it. As my blog grew older and I began to explore more options of what could potentially become of this little old blog, I realized a few things.

  1. The name is a mouthful
  2. My indecision was my key niche 
  3. I was more than just fashion and style any more

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Creating a Character for my Anxiety and Depression

By the title of this post, you are probably wondering what the hell am I talking about right? Let me explain this a bit before you think that I am absolutely insane. Whenever my anxiety is building up or has just arrived (always at the worst possible time) I often say to my friends “that damn bitch is back.” Before I tend to curl up into a ball and sit on my floor for a few hours feeling like absolute crap because of my anxiety, I realize how crazy these thoughts are and poke fun of myself for thinking these absolutely irrational thoughts. 

My humor has gotten me through the best of times and the worst of times in my life. To give a movie reference, I am like Carrie Bradshaw cracking a small joke after Mr. Big didn’t show up to their wedding. 

“Oh honey, you cracked a joke! Good for you.” Samantha Jones thank you for one of my favorite statements for my anxiety and depression. 

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Anxiety: Learning to just sit in it

My anxiety often can take over my day, my week, my month. Its exhausting to even recall when I’ve lived in those moments. You go to bed at night thinking “will this feeling still be here when I wake up?” and before you know it your alarm is going off and that feeling is still there. This is a battle that anyone with anxiety knows all too well. 

What I have learned to do over the years is to communicate how I feel in a sense where I’m giving someone an analogy to explain what mess is happening in my mind. Mental health is often brushed aside, your feelings are disputed and even those who you think would be there for you… are not. 

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