March Wishlist

Given that February was a short month and a hell of a month at that. My wishlist is rather short because I was slowly purchasing things to make myself feel better. For March I’ve decided to put that focus into working out rather than items and maybe next month’s wishlist will be even more colorful and full of spring….

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How I styled an Oversized Jacket

When I initially purchased this oversized plaid jacket from Zara I had no idea how was going to specifically wear it. I knew that it would probably look cute with leggings and be a statement jacket since it is an oversized red plaid jacket. Although I felt that it was specifically best for Fall, I really wanted to force its way into my winter wardrobe. 

How was I going to do that?

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Amazon Look Under $50

Here is a great Amazon outfit for under $50! Yup, you read that right – this look cost me under $50. When I purchased this top and the faux leather skirt I wasn’t anticipating them to be part of the same outfit. And since I can’t make a decision I allowed my Instagram followers to decide for me…

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February Wishlist

Ah, the month filled with love. Where we shower our significant others with thoughtful expensive gifts and sharing photos and stories on Instagram saying “I have the best Valentine.” I will be gagging and buying myself everything ok!

So now, we jump into my February Wishlist…

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Dresses for Winter

I cannot believe that I am about to write this sentence. Dresses for winter. My new favorite style for this year. Typically at the end of the summer season, I always pack away my dresses or push them to the back of my closet. This year I found myself pulling those dresses out and bringing them to the front once again. 

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January Wishlist

After the holidays I am very grateful for all of the gifts that I have received, whether it was big or small or quality time with family. [small pause]

Now that we have that humble sentence out of the way, let’s jump into the things I have been lusting after all month but just haven’t pulled the trigger in getting…

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