Dresses for Winter

I cannot believe that I am about to write this sentence. Dresses for winter. My new favorite style for this year. Typically at the end of the summer season, I always pack away my dresses or push them to the back of my closet. This year I found myself pulling those dresses out and bringing them to the front once again. 

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January Wishlist

After the holidays I am very grateful for all of the gifts that I have received, whether it was big or small or quality time with family. [small pause]

Now that we have that humble sentence out of the way, let’s jump into the things I have been lusting after all month but just haven’t pulled the trigger in getting…

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“Chanel” Meets DUMBO

DUMBO really means Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass to most people or those who Google the meaning. For me, it always meant where my dad worked. He worked in this area that most people would admire – the cobblestone streets, the old brick buildings, the graffiti, the delicious food. What made his job even cooler is that he worked on the Brooklyn Bridge. Many have walked across it, but he has done that 100 times over and even up to the top of it. Not many can say their dad sent a selfie from the cables of the Brooklyn Bridge.   Continue reading ““Chanel” Meets DUMBO”

December Wishlist

‘Tis the season to be making wishlists am I right? Surprisingly I’ve struggled this month to come up with a list of things that I want. Maybe I’ve finally reached that point in my life where I don’t value materialistic things anymore? While I wonder separately about this pivotal moment in my life let’s jump into what I’m wishing for right now…

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