All Black Casual Look

Black is my favorite color. That shouldn’t surprise you. But what I love more than wearing black is being casual in all black. My underlying style has remained the same since I was a teenager – graphic tee, jeans, and converse sneakers. Even at 30 I am still dressing relatively the same. Continue reading “All Black Casual Look”

Keep it Short

Target is my weakness. Who else can agree with the previous sentence? EVERYONE! They have always been my go to for just about everything under the sun, it is often a danger to go to the store without a chaperon. You always walk out with 100 things you didn’t necessarily need but couldn’t walk pass. They have the same effect on you even online. I was looking for another faux fur coat but nothing like I had been seeing all over instagram or on the streets. It was always the same cut, style, and feel. Since I am a giant pain in the ass to myself, I HAD TO FIND SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Target answered my fashion prayers with this coat…

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Nothing to Wear

Sterotypical shirt for me right? Nothing to wear. I knew I had to pair this shirt with a really awesome look, the problem is I thought of 100’s of them! Settling on these velvet wide leg pants I picked up in La Jolla, I realized I went back to my typical color combo: black, white and hints of gold. These pants are extremely comfortable and comes in a “one size fits all” notion. Even when purchasing these I was slightly hesitant but they fit perfectly! Since the waist band is stretchy I was able to wear them as high waisted, well I really had no other choice since I am short.

Of course you wouldn’t see me in anything else but converse sneakers. They really are my go to daily sneakers. I work in NYC and everybody is walking everywhere, you have to be comfortable. These sneakers go with just about everything, as you’ve seen over the past year I tend to pair them with almost everything.

My accessories is what ties in the hints of gold, I tend to be very minimal or repetitive with my accessories. So finding the best black and gold accessories isn’t really that hard if you know where to look. I knew I wanted an every day watch that was all black. Scrolling through instagram I stumbled upon these gorgeous and AFFORDABLE watches that fashion bloggers were promoting. (This was way before I decided to start blogging myself) Once I was able to get that watch for myself, I wear it with just about everything. This dainty bracelet was from the Create & Cultivate Event I attended in the spring. I was a small reminder of what I learned that day, all of the positive advice I was given and to dismiss all negativity. Together they are my best paired accessories!

Outfit details…


XX Sarah

NYC Weekend Fashion

SURPRISE! I’ve re-done my website! Super excited to finally share this as it was a long time in the making. Let’s jump into what this blog post is about – FASHION! Last weekend I took my little cousin Zarah to New York City to see Time Square and Swan Lake. Being my mini me, I wanted to coordinate our outfits. I’ve been eyeing this jumpsuit from Lulu’s for some time now – although the back of the jumpsuit is really what makes it so gorgeous, it was absolutely fall weather that day… so my jacket was not coming off haha! I loved the wide leg pants of this which made me feel a lot less self conscious about my wider hip section. Of course I paired it with my go to converse sneakers because what else would I be wearing while walking all over Manhattan? Continue reading “NYC Weekend Fashion”

Stripes, Ruffles & the Concrete Jungle


It is seemingly taking me forever to shoot these gorgeous dresses that I purchased with Serina (my personal shopper)! This was a dress that I actually picked out on my own and I really couldn’t be happier. I love the very different styles of stripes with the contrast stripe along the edges of the dress. Granted I love anything black and white with grey in between, this dress really is just absolutely beautiful. However, being honest wearing this dress at work was perfect for sitting at my desk but.. walking from the bus stop was another story. I definitely didn’t need a size up in this dress because it would’ve been too big on me but I constantly had to pull it down due to the cut of the dress. As much as I love it this isn’t something that looks stunning walking warp speed around Manhattan. This could be the universe trying to tell me to stop and smell the roses but I can’t help my fast paced New York self either. So by the end of the day when it was time to meet up with Rowell for our photoshoot I wanted to take notice of what this dress was trying to make me do.. SLOW DOWN.

We met at Columbus Circle near Central Park to take photos, it had been awhile since I’ve been to that part of town and I was happy to walk around there once again. That is what I love about taking pictures with Rowell, we never stay in one spot and he is constantly having me move around from place to place while we chat in between. I really love Central Park, just walking around the trails you forget that your in the middle of Manhattan. I plan to go there again in the fall just to walk around, it is so inspiring! Luckily I wore my go to converse sneakers for this shoot. I’m not the type to wear heels every single day because “bambi walking” isn’t cute. I feel most comfortable in sneakers or flat boots for the fall. This is where my style shined in this outfit.. pairing this dress with my go to sneakers and my go to favorite sunnies, it definitely made it more of my look.

With the summer coming to an end I hope to slow down and take a look around to where I am daily. I forget that most people dream of being in the city that I call home and it is a nice reminder that I am where I am suppose to be.


xx Sarah



This print is super popular and very much in trend this summer. I love it! While on my lunch break shopping trying to find some inspiration at H&M I found this simple little dress. Preferably I love anything more form fitting, since my body shape is curve/pear shaped I like to wear things that will show off my shape…. and that I can wear with sneakers 😉

This was a great cheap find that I absolutely love. Ironically I have been wearing it all summer long but I kept forgetting to snap some photos of it since it was always in the hamper on my weekend photoshoots!

xx Sarah


New Season, New Bag

Rebecca Minkoff’s bags have been my go to since my early 20’s. Where I’m from every single girl had a Michael Kors bag. And I mean EVERYONE. As you know I PREFER and LOVE to stand out from the crowd, so I went against what everyone normally had….. and then that became popular. Despite its popularity, I refused to let the bag go. It was my go to purse for the evening and weekends. This bad boy went EVERYWHERE with me… dates, bars, hockey games, vacations, etc. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed it was time to retire my favorite bag… or at least give it a bit of a break.

I had been eyeing this new bag for some time now. It honestly reminded me of the Chanel bag I hope one day to buy myself, just the quilting aspect. Putting the purchase off and waiting for a sale was my reasoning not to spend money on a new bag that I didn’t per say NEED, my old one wasn’t falling apart. After a long, hectic few weeks of non-stop happenings I caved… on the way home from somewhere I said to myself “Fuck it, I’M GETTING THE BAG RIGHT NOW” Amazon Prime – add to cart – DONE!

I am in love with this bag and so happy I finally purchased it. Since it has black hardware it can go with just about anything! Here are some shots from my first photoshoot with this bag, it was definitely an excuse to reshoot this outfit again 😉


xx Sarah


Summer Basics

My every day wardrobe where I am not thinking twice about what I am wearing before running out the door is simple and basic. A basic tee and jeans and my converse sneakers. No matter what time of year you can always find me in some form of this on a daily basis. It is the one outfit that I never have to think twice about wearing. In the summertime I trade in jeans for shorts.

This year was the first year I decided that I no longer wanted to wear the same Hollister shorts I had been squeezing into for years. And I say squeezing into because my weight has fluctuated over the years. It is hard for me to justify the idea of buying shorts that are more than $50 or even anything near $100. The answer is simple, I am wearing them for 3 months out of the year, it isn’t worth me spending the money on it. But now I am considering buying at least one nice pair of jean shorts.. since I am getting older an partying on the weekends until 5AM isn’t part of my lifestyle any longer. In the meantime I wanted to find something that wasn’t super duper short like my Hollister jeans shorts. The shorts I am wearing in today’s post are from American Eagle…. I have always heard that they have the best fitting jeans. Personally I will disagree, they don’t perfectly fit my body type nor do I feel comfortable in them. I wanted to give their shorts a chance since I did hear such great reviews about them. Honestly, these shorts are extremely comfortable. They are a bit of a longer cut compared to my Hollister shorts which is something I was looking for. Who wears short shorts? Not Sarah… well at least not all the time any more haha! Purchasing this and one other pair on Memorial Day I was able to get them on sale and a free hat which is what I’m wearing.

These shorts were so comfortable that I didn’t give a hoot with the 100 cars that were driving buy or all of my neighbors who decided to come outside all at once while I took photos of myself on my front stoop. Where I live it is normally the quietest street in America. Hardly do cars ever come flying by consistently and you hear the leaves tumble, the branches in the wind and the rare horn honking from the main street near by. Nope, not the day I decided to take some pictures out front! It was the most awkward moment in my neighborhood. Cars slowing down looking at me probably thinking “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GIRL DOING??” or “WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?” At least these are the phrases I make up in my mind of what they are probably thinking. I went ahead and kept with a theme. The I don’t care of what is happening around me but I am focused on doing what I normally do… which in today’s day and age is being on your phone. Jesus Christmas did that sentence make me sound old. It’s the truth. We are constantly on our cell phones and not paying attention to what is happening around us. Its a comfort zone, including for myself. Giving that focus on my phone while I was snapping my self timer photos away made it a little less awkward. It didn’t make my resting bitch face go away though.

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


Dynamite Dress: 3 Options, Part 1

Having a basic dress option is key. Personally I fell in love with these simple dresses from Dynamite 2 years ago. There were 2 dresses, one in grey and the other in black, I loved the simplicity of them that I knew I had to have them both. I got SO MUCH USE out of them, and I will most definitely show you how I wear them over the next few months. When I spotted this dress in the store I knew it was time to add more basic options to my closet. Kim Kardashian is always an inspiration to me and she often wears these simple fitted basic dresses. I love the simplicity of it and how you can make it dressy or casual.

Part 1 I will show you how I styled this grey dress. Both are midi length ribbed dresses. Super light and extremely comfortable.

Option #1

I decided to go for a more dressier look to show how you can dress this up a bit, perfect way to transition a day to night outfit as well. Pairing it with a gorgeous statement necklace that tied in the gold in my leather jacket and the grey in in my dress it was the perfect accessory to make this outfit pop. My jacket is a Forever 21 closet archive, but here is a similar one from H&M. These sandals I got last fall from DSW and I am so happy how much use I am getting out of these. | DSW no longer had these sandals listed, here is the exact pair from Amazon and another similar pair from DSW |

Option #2

Casual is always my go to. If you have to quickly run out the door and want to look put together here is a simple look you can base it off of. My cousin gave me this bomber jacket she got from Abercrombie, I couldn’t find the link for it but here is another option  from ASOS I would pair this with. Converse are my go to sneaker for every day, I wear them nearly every single day to work.. they are truly one of my absolutely favorites. But it wouldn’t be a complete outfit without some Quay Australia sunnies now would it 😉

Option #3

Continuing with being casual and it being spring why not go for your go to denim jacket? This cropped denim jacket from Forever 21 has been my go to FOR YEARS! Such a great find.  This Dynamite necklace was another great find in my favorite store.. Unfortunately it is no longer available but here is another option from Dynamite and another from Forever 21. But as I am running out the door these Van’s Slip on Sneakers are perfect for when you are on the go. Can’t forget the Ray Ban’s !


Stay tuned for Part 2!!


xx Sarah