Weekend Joggers

Recently New York was graced with a taste of beautiful spring weather. And now the temperatures have dropped. It was such a tease. A tease that made me very angry, especially because on the last day of the gorgeous weather I decided not to take any photos but do attempt to accomplish other things (which later did not work out in my favor). Hence why I look so angry in these photos. Its cold but I am ready for the spring weather. Whether those ground hogs were right or not, I want spring here.. I need the smell of summer, I need its noises in my ear..

After that brief emo high school moment of Brand New lyrics… let’s get back on track to this outfit. These joggers I got from Dynamite last fall, I have really loved wearing them since they are very diverse. From casual to dressy, it is all how you style it. I don’t mind rotating the same items in my blog posts because we all do this. Its realistic, and I love finding 100 different ways to wear the same item. Deciding on which outfit to go with first is a problem I’m still working on. Some days are better than others. Today I decided to wear a sweater with this look, I mean it is pretty cold outside and I am dying to wear my denim jacket on a more regular basis now. My choice of shoes is more spring rather than winter related. Like I previously stated, I am very much ready for the spring weather. Although you can see my ghostly white legs & feet aren’t as ready just yet.

These slip on sneakers are the perfect transition sneaker, from summer to fall and end of winter into the spring. You can get these styles in a variety of different colors. A majority of my shoes are black (sneakers, sandals, booties, heels).. so of course I went with my comfort zone with these. Although I would definitely invest in a gray pair or even taupe. I will link other options below in my outfit details. From head to toe this outfit is extremely comfortable. I am all about comfort…. but without looking like a complete bum 😉

Wouldn’t be a post without the flamingo pose

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


Weekend Look 2

On the weekends I am all about comfort, ok let’s extend that to 7 days a week. On a rare occasion I am willing to dress uncomfortably for a fashionable look. I wanted to take a different spin on a look that I would normally go to. These joggers are AMAZING. I can really wear them in many different ways.. dress them down or dress them up. I love the bang for my buck that I got when I purchased them. Normally I’d like to wear them with sneakers while running around on the weekends. And by running around I mean shopping. Because well obviously I have a problem. Forever chasing the sales… and whatever I stumble upon in between.

To make this look interesting I wore my new fishnet socks that I got. These are extremely strange to wear. They look unbelievably awesome in photos and other people, but when I look at them on my own feet… I’m wondering why my big toe is sticking out of the sock…. Ok, back to the outfit!! I figured why not incorporate this new trend with an “athleisure” styled look. Keeping things basic with the head to toe black is well.. I like wearing all black, its a monochromatic look that works.

This sweater is insanely comfortable too. Each time I wear it I feel like I am wearing a giant blanket. This long sweater can be worn multiple ways too.. I’ve worn it to work on cold days and I have worn it as a more casual look too. Ideally this is perfect for fall or early spring weather to wear as a jacket. Its heavy enough to keep you warm on these “cool days” but light enough where you aren’t sweating.

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


Bell Sleeved Sweater, Faux Fur & Leather

Rhyming blog post titles. I told you I’m witty. Last month I spotted this sweater in my favorite store, Dynamite.. where else?? I truly wanted to get this in grey because I have so many black and white tops why not combine the 2 and get grey right? Clearly the shopping gods did not want me straying away from my favorite colors because it was not available in my size. If I shopped online it would be a hefty bill (because I can’t control myself), and I am all about the ballin’ on a budget lifestyle here. I digress… Bell sleeves has been a SUPER DUPER popular trend that I am all about.. I prefer a longer sleeve because I am always freezing, being fashionable and warm this winter? I’m all about it. Another trend I have been noticing is pulling these bell sleeve tops through your jacket and having them peep out the jacket sleeves. I cannot recall the name of this trend or a more descriptive phrase but as you can tell by my photos I am showing off my bell sleeves while wearing a leather jacket.

Mid-photosession with me, myself and I.. it was getting colder. Or, stupidly, I wasn’t wearing a warmer jacket. Ah the lengths we go to, just to show off an outfit. I quickly grabbed my faux fur scarf, which I debated on using from the beginning and added it to the look.. Personally, I liked it a lot better. The photographer wasn’t upset that I made this quick change either. And the photographer being me. Yes, I take my own photos with a self timer or remote. Paying for a photographer is not in my budget just yet, I hope to one day be able to work with a photographer (and outside of my backyard). Setting up a tripod in a busy area isn’t necessarily ideal… and getting the “What are you doing??” questions isn’t a phrase I’m quite comfortable answering to a total stranger.

Back to the outfit! Bringing back the jeans and ankle booties look, I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll say it again. I cannot get enough of these booties. They really are insanely comfortable and you can wear them so many different ways too. With my skinny jeans or even ankle flared jeans. The raw hem line with these jeans looks amazing too, check out my previous post where I cut my own jeans. It was an experience, and I am very happy with the results.

Outfit details…

xx Sarah



Athleisure is one of the latest trends being rocked by nearly every celebrity, model, and gal walking down the street. Without realizing it I tend to dress rather sporty, the irony is that I lack any coordination to play any type of sport. Hand eye coordination is not my forte. What I do excel at is finding pieces in my closet to participate in the latest trends. Now everyone has noticed Kim Kardashian’s new style since she stepped back into the spotlight. She has been wearing a lot of Kanye’s new line with Adidas and high ankle booties with a basic tee (short or long). This is a style I can get on board with. I can still be comfortable with my joggers and basic tee but feel a little dressier with the ankle booties.

(Image sources from: Kokolife
I decided to pull pieces I already had in my closet and change things up a bit… Any excuse to wear these joggers and I’ll take it. Pairing it with my bomber jacket gave it a more sporty look rather than my typical go to leather jacket. To add a little personality to my jacket, I pinned some funny pins my Mom got me for Christmas. She knows her daughter well… Pizza & beer! 

Because it is freezing out, I grabbed my faux fur scarf to translate Kim’s California look to New York style. It is freezing here you know… Lastly, I wore my new suede high ankle booties from Steve Madden. Although Kim has been spotted wearing more pointed toe booties that are laced up, I wanted to work with what I already had instead of going shopping for a particular outfit.

Kim wore these amazing sunglasses to the airport in the look I was inspired by. I do not have a pair that looks like these (yet) but I did want to bring out the red in my pins on my jacket, so I went with my favorite Shop Sonix pair. Who doesn’t like a pop of color to your outfit?

Outfit details…


xx Sarah


Boyfriend Style

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If my personal style hasn’t shown by now then these posts definitely will show you that I’m extremely casual. Minimal effort is required to pull off any of my looks because I like to keep things simple, its easier to get out the door and easier for me to decide what in the world I am wearing first. It is easy for me to come up with an outfit but then I discover another, and another and another and then I can’t figure out what to wear. Its a vicious cycle.

This look would be one of my go-to looks when I’m running out the door to take on the day. Its easy and comfortable.. and a little rock star. Ok, I wish.


Every girl should have a pair of boyfriend jeans. They are easy to put on and you don’t have to suck your gut in to get into them either (cough – skinny jeans – cough). I paired it with an Urban Outfitters muscle tank because I tend to sweat while running around, I’m not the only one. Admit it. But since its cold out I wore my bomber jacket and added one of my favorite scarves. Yes its skulls.

What I’m wearing today…

Accessory details…

Also another little rock star inspiration here… of course I wear red lips because of Gwen Stefani. She’s a total bad ass.


xx Sarah


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Cozy Sweater (blanket)

This outfit is from an OOTD I posted on instagram earlier last month.

I wanted to show you what it looked like at full length. This is my go to sweater for work, why? Let me tell you why.. Working in an office the temperature is freezing 9 out of 10 times. I am constantly wearing some type of sweater or my jacket for the majority of the day.


This is truly how I feel.. Now I’ve gone many routes to solve this problem without bumping into a few. Mishaps? Stylish disasters? Ok so I’ve been on the hunt for the longest time for the coziest sweater that doesn’t require 100 layers and I can still look cute, and professional. The last being the most important right?

Today’s outfit details…

Now these shoes have truly become one of my favorites for the fall.. Its the perfect fall shoe. It is a great transition shoe in many different scenarios, for work, going out with friends – day or night. I highly recommend purchasing these bad boys. Plus they look great with a wicked pedicure 😉

And finally I will never ever have to worry about having a Friends moment like this at work ever again…




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Sweater Weather

Fall is FINALLY HERE! I am so excited! First sweater outfit of the season and I’m keeping it casual.

This past Sunday I attended the 3rd Avenue Feastival in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It has become a tradition with my family that we get together. We always meet at my Aunt’s house to watch the afternoon football game before heading out to the Avenue. My youngest cousins really look forward to this and I love spending time with them so being casual was important since I tend to be running around with them for awhile. Once the little ones have their fun, my older cousins and I head to the local bars to have our own fun.With all of this in mind I wanted to be casual but nice enough where I didn’t look like a complete bum either.. after all it is Sunday and I prefer to relax and be comfortable..

 I am wearing…

This sweater immediately caught my eye when I was shopping in express. Who doesn’t like a jeweled toned sweater? What I also loved about this is it was crop topped, a majority of my jeans are high waisted (it’s just a preference). So what I loved is that made me look a little taller than I really am since I am a shrimp! #shortgirlproblems 

Of course I had to pair it with my new favorite high top chuck taylors, after all I was walking around all day and with my littlest cousins it was easier to run after them. 

To make it a little bit more dressy I added the Bauble Bar Catena Choker from Shay Mitchell’s guest bar tending line. You can check out my previous post on a review of my favorite items in her line, this of course being one of them. 

With my make up look I wanted to keep it neutral brown tones. This is a look I often wear because it’s simple colors and they make my eyes pop. I used a mix of urban decay naked 1 and Mac eye shadows paired with Kat Von D’s Lolita. This liquid lipstick LASTS!! I didn’t have to worry about reapplying once while I was out. 

Soon I will be posting more beauty looks with details, any and all suggestions are welcomed! Although I am not a professional make up artist nor do I think I am one I really love being creative and having fun with makeup. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!! 

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