Beis-ic Babe

I could write a lot about this outfit but this really was the easiest look I have put together recently. It was so effortless, fun and incredibly me. 

The pants are a statement. The shirt is simple and as always my converse sneakers are on…

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Fall/Winter Trends 2019

My most favorite time of year has arrived: fall. Mostly because by this time I am very much over the hot, humid, sticky weather in New York. Once the cool air finally decides to stay we can all get excited to wear all of these new fall trends. Could I decide on which ones I loved the most? HA! You should know me better by now that I’ve chosen a handful of trends that I am in love with and those that I believe are worth investing in.

So while I try to figure out which trend I am going to wear first, let’s jump into what the trends are…

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Something Navy November Collection First Impression

Arielle of Something Navy has been a blogger I have been following since before I knew what blogging was. Following her journey for years, I have seen her style evolve and a dream of creating a collection come true. Her past collections have been beautiful but I was, unfortunately, unable to purchase anything I desired since it sold out SO DAMN FAST! This time around I was determined to sit by my ancient MacBook Pro and get at least 1-2 items. Mission accomplished.

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Fall Haul

Fall weather had been slow to approach here in NYC – so I decided to take a leap and splurge on some new items. Lately, I’ve been feeling as if my style is evolving into a new chapter. The esthetic remains the same of what I have always loved – graphic tees, jeans, converse, anything and everything athleisure. For some reason, I feel as if it has gone to a somewhat more mature level. So without any more babbles… let’s jump into what I did purchase.

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Casual Fall

My daily wear is pretty casual. I prefer comfort over anything, this Target jacket I found is perfect for feeling comfortable and looking presentable. Finding a jacket that can be worn 100 different ways means I am getting my moneys worth, and I am all about having an item in my closet that gives me options.  Continue reading “Casual Fall”

Nothing to Wear

Sterotypical shirt for me right? Nothing to wear. I knew I had to pair this shirt with a really awesome look, the problem is I thought of 100’s of them! Settling on these velvet wide leg pants I picked up in La Jolla, I realized I went back to my typical color combo: black, white and hints of gold. These pants are extremely comfortable and comes in a “one size fits all” notion. Even when purchasing these I was slightly hesitant but they fit perfectly! Since the waist band is stretchy I was able to wear them as high waisted, well I really had no other choice since I am short.

Of course you wouldn’t see me in anything else but converse sneakers. They really are my go to daily sneakers. I work in NYC and everybody is walking everywhere, you have to be comfortable. These sneakers go with just about everything, as you’ve seen over the past year I tend to pair them with almost everything.

My accessories is what ties in the hints of gold, I tend to be very minimal or repetitive with my accessories. So finding the best black and gold accessories isn’t really that hard if you know where to look. I knew I wanted an every day watch that was all black. Scrolling through instagram I stumbled upon these gorgeous and AFFORDABLE watches that fashion bloggers were promoting. (This was way before I decided to start blogging myself) Once I was able to get that watch for myself, I wear it with just about everything. This dainty bracelet was from the Create & Cultivate Event I attended in the spring. I was a small reminder of what I learned that day, all of the positive advice I was given and to dismiss all negativity. Together they are my best paired accessories!

Outfit details…


XX Sarah

Quick post: Turkey Day outfits

I cannot believe almost thanksgiving is a week away! The reality of a thanksgiving outfit is you want to be comfortable spending time with family around the dinner table for nonstop eating. I used to immediately regret wearing pants that are too tight after a turkey day meal when I was younger, so once I was able to buy my own clothes I planned my attire properly. Stretchy fabric and material that “gives” (pun intended) was a necessity, I wanted to enjoy my day of feasting and being grateful with my family.

Yesterday’s look is a good place to start:

My most recent post brings in the leopard trend to this look. Don’t let the jeans deceive you as they are stretchy & very comfortable. Take off the leather jacket and you have a comfortable and stylish look for Thanksgiving Day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Above are some more of my looks that could be potential thanksgiving day looks. All of these looks can be found in my recent blog posts. 

Never forget to consider a dress…which stretches. Although I am wearing a sleeveless dress in one of my suggestions you can incorporate a long sleeve dress like this one here from Express or Nordstrom rack option here

My Joggers would have to be my top pick for a thanksgiving outfit. An altenerate way to style this look is by adding a black sweater over the tank or even a plain black tee. Recently I wore this look to work, and paired it with my peep toe ankle booties from my green vest look. It was definitely an option for my own Turkey Day look…
Another suggestion would be to wear a tunic, last year I wore a sweater tunic from Dynamite and leggings with a leather side panel. Not only was I comfortable but the outfit looked dressier than expected.

Below are some more options that you can use for your turkey day look:

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All of these options can be easily mixed and matched with each other. Also don’t be afraid to search on Amazon… recently I had been looking for a Lace Up Sweater and was shocked to see the difference in prices for these. They are extremely popular among many bloggers I follow & they look so cozy. All about comfort on this blog! 

I know included some Pink items as well but don’t forget pink was a popular color on the fall/winter 16 runways. Personally I think it’s a nice trend to experiment with, it’s also very different from the typical fall colors. 

I will be posting my Thanksgiving look next Thursday live from the feast at my home! Stay tuned for my look!

xx Sarah


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Leopard Lovin’: How I styled the latest animal loving trend

Leopard. Ah, one of the many fall trends. Fun fact: I’ve had this scarf for many years now. I believe that a little animal print added into your wardrobe is a good thing, but in moderation of course. We don’t want to end up like Scary Spice now.

Jaclyn Hill recently posted this picture and I really loved the green and leopard combo.

Her jacket though, sold out. So I got creative and created my own interpretation of the look…

These American Eagle booties I got on sale LAST black friday, my cousin was wearing them and of course having to do everything that my older cousins do – I JUST HAD TO HAVE THEM. Luckily she shares my sense of style and my knack for sales. These were a definite score and I got a lot of use out of them, currently sliding into season 2 with these booties.

I also decided that there was a lack of light in my photos so I went where there was light…

Today I am wearing…

And this wouldn’t be a Jaclyn Hill inspired look without some hoop earrings, am I right girl?

Accessory details…

I’d like to dedicate this blog post to my good friend Nicole, this post is for you my leopard print lover!! ❤️
xx Sarah


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Repeat offender: ripped sweater 


Even Wednesday Addams can’t believe it…

I TOLD YOU I LIKE THIS SWEATER. They say if you really like a top to buy it in more than one color. NOT EVERY SINGLE COLOR. But one other color. I’ve been gravitating towards green. My collection of this color is growing. I can’t help it.. and I bet half of you reading do the same thing. Join the club..

This may or may not have been my reaction when I saw the sweater came in green too..

So in today’s pictures if you can’t tell I just felt like sitting down in the leaves. Ah, to be a kid again… and boy did it feel freeing! Until my neighbor walked by and many cars with people staring at me. Dedication to be a kid at heart and get your perfect self timed picture..

Outfit details…


I like it too Debbie.. the only time I will ever agree with you.

Oh and ask me if I care I posted a similar look about a week ago…giphy-2


Hope you enjoyed reading todays repeat offender blog post…


I know I enjoyed writing it 😉


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Repeat Offender: Green

This weeks theme. I don’t have a brand new outfit every day, no one does. Not even the Kardashians do. So how do we rotate our favorite pieces into our wardrobe now that it is a little cooler out? Let me show you.

Today I am wearing…

I really love this maxi vest that I purchased from Dynamite. It instantly feels like I’ve dressed up my entire outfit. Most of my go to looks are very basic and simple, adding this vest makes me feel a bit more fashionable and a little less basic.

The black off the shoulder top has gotten so much use since last year. The main reason why I purchased it is because I like to be different, not everyone was rocking the off the shoulder trend. At least from what I had been seeing.

Lastly these booties are the perfect transition bootie. We all know the mornings start out freezing cold and by the time we are all leaving work it’s somehow extremely hot out. This bootie gives you the perfect amount of coverage for this kind of weather. AND they are a wooden heeled bootie, fall trend for the win!

I’m on twitter now too!! 


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