Feelin’ Witchy

Let me tell you a little backstory about this top I’m wearing… I first saw one of my favorite bloggers that I follow (Miamiamine) wearing this maybe a month or two ago. I immediately fell in love. But. The price. I was not in love with. I searched high and low for an alternative, even with the other tops she suggested it just wasn’t the same for me. So, I made a promise to myself, if I could find it on sale I would splurge just once on this top because I couldn’t stop thinking about it.


Indeed it did.. this top had a serious spell on me… and now you’re mine…

Now I will discuss in another post about splurging on an item vs. when its not worth the price point. But my one of my many golden rules is if you cannot get the item out of your head do the following: Save up to buy the coveted item, find a similar item if it is really out of your price point, or find it on sale (which takes patience). I went with the very last of my very own suggestions and it paid off, I got 30% off the top with a shopbop sale!

The following was my exact reaction when all of that patience finally paid off & I went…



I was extremely happy that I finally made this purchase, AND ON SALE TOO!

I really love this top and the bell sleeve trend, its a perfect fall outfit. Especially with Halloween right around the corner. Who doesn’t want to feel a little festive?! I wore a cami underneath because quite frankly it was cold out and I wasn’t up for being bold and brave just wearing a bra. The back is quite low but I didn’t feel comfortable going this route today.

Now onto the outfit details… and options. You know I’ll never leave you ladies hanging without a ton of other options!

Oh and a word of advice..



Since you asked Winifred …. Don’t wear a hat on a windy day. It’s a recipe for disaster.. running in heels after your hat is not a cute look 😉

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Sweater Weather

Fall is FINALLY HERE! I am so excited! First sweater outfit of the season and I’m keeping it casual.

This past Sunday I attended the 3rd Avenue Feastival in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It has become a tradition with my family that we get together. We always meet at my Aunt’s house to watch the afternoon football game before heading out to the Avenue. My youngest cousins really look forward to this and I love spending time with them so being casual was important since I tend to be running around with them for awhile. Once the little ones have their fun, my older cousins and I head to the local bars to have our own fun.With all of this in mind I wanted to be casual but nice enough where I didn’t look like a complete bum either.. after all it is Sunday and I prefer to relax and be comfortable..

 I am wearing…

This sweater immediately caught my eye when I was shopping in express. Who doesn’t like a jeweled toned sweater? What I also loved about this is it was crop topped, a majority of my jeans are high waisted (it’s just a preference). So what I loved is that made me look a little taller than I really am since I am a shrimp! #shortgirlproblems 

Of course I had to pair it with my new favorite high top chuck taylors, after all I was walking around all day and with my littlest cousins it was easier to run after them. 

To make it a little bit more dressy I added the Bauble Bar Catena Choker from Shay Mitchell’s guest bar tending line. You can check out my previous post on a review of my favorite items in her line, this of course being one of them. 

With my make up look I wanted to keep it neutral brown tones. This is a look I often wear because it’s simple colors and they make my eyes pop. I used a mix of urban decay naked 1 and Mac eye shadows paired with Kat Von D’s Lolita. This liquid lipstick LASTS!! I didn’t have to worry about reapplying once while I was out. 

Soon I will be posting more beauty looks with details, any and all suggestions are welcomed! Although I am not a professional make up artist nor do I think I am one I really love being creative and having fun with makeup. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!! 

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Bootie Bootie Booties Rockin’ Everywhere

Received a request for a booties post for the the fall. So let’s jump right into it…

I LOVE booties for the fall. There are so many styles that you can turn from day to night and they aren’t killing you to walk in either. Now I did my best to break them up into different categories/trends. I will admit that I favor the suede bootie over a leather, it is just my weakness. But I did attempt to incorporate leather booties for those who prefer leather over suede.

WARNING: I heavily favorited the DSW website, they have an amazing variety of shoes for all different occasions. And to be honest, I love a good sale.

WARNING 2: I believe in having a lot of options. As the wise Rachel Zoe would say “Options, Options, Options!”

Here are some of my favorites:

Peep Toe Booties

For that in between weather. I will most definitely be rocking a pair or 2 of these this fall. When its 60 degrees in the morning but come the afternoon your dying of heat at 75-85 degrees.

These Mix No. 6 Itieli Sandal from DSW have been my absolute favorites so far. I’ve been wearing them to work a lot lately since it quickly dresses up my outfit. And I’ve also seen a lot of girls wearing a similar style or the same peep toe style. I wore these in my most recent blog post and I really can’t get enough of them. They come in 2 other colors: olive and cognac. If I really wanted to splurge id have these in all three colors. See them here in cognac..

Mix No. 6 Itieli Sandal $49.95

So now that I’ve shared my favorite fall bootie obsession.. Here are some of my other favorites:

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Low heel Booties

Some women like to walk in heels, some women don’t. I fall in between. Since I sit at a desk all day I don’t mind wearing a bit of a heel to work, but outside of work I definitely prefer a low heel. Living in New York we are all constantly moving at a fast pace, whether is running to catch a bus or running because we’re late or running to make it to happy hour. Check out these low heeled booties:

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Moto/Lace up Booties

Personally these styled booties are part of my personal style. Wearing them you feel a little bad ass, maybe your ready to kick some ass or maybe your just a bad ass woman. What I love about these is I can transition these into the winter months when it is FREEZING. Below I’ve shown the lace up booties and moto boots.. Check out some of my favorites:

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Chelsea Booties/Wooden Heeled Booties/BOOTIES BOOTIES BOOTIES

I think my title explains enough.. Let’s dive into my favorites:

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With Columbus Day sales coming up its the perfect time to purchase a new pair of fall booties.. can’t forget you can rock these right into the winter.

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Jeans and a tee are my most frequent outfits. It is easy to put together, I don’t have to think too long and can spend more time doing my hair and makeup. This is usually my every day style, minus the heels and insert some chucks. But every now and then I want to feel like a girly girl and make an attempt to walk in heels without looking like a baby deer or giraffe trying to learn how to walk for the first time #thestruggle

So throw on some ruby woo red lips and take on the day

Where to buy…


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Feeling Blue

It is no lie that blue is my favorite color. I mean I am a huge New York Ranger’s fan afterall, but that has nothing to do with this outfit or post…

I found this Navy Blue Front Tie Top on the sale’s rack at Dynamite. If you didn’t believe that I shop there often, now you do. Jean are also from Dynamite that I purchased last year, below I linked the same pair.

Where to buy…

Some fun facts about the last picture above. My 5 1/2 year old cousin took the photo on her mom’s iPhone. Can we say future photographer??


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Quick post: Look for Less – Shay Mitchell 

Quick post here! Since we’re living in that in between season looks, I wanted to share a look for less by my favorite fashion inspiration – Shay Mitchell.

Yesterday’s post was 1000% inspired by her look here:

Want this look for less? Shop here: 

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Hope you enjoyed today’s quick post, if you have any suggestions for a look for less please leave it in the comments below. I’m always up for the challenge! 

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