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Holiday Party Dresses

The holidays are fast approaching – which means holiday parties! We are all shopping for gifts for our loved ones so it can be hard to find a new dress that is budget friendly. You also want to feel fabulous when you are wearing it, part of being at a holiday party is being festive after all. Too often we end up sorting through our closets for something red, something green, something festive. And then we all turn into the Grinch…

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NYC Weekend Fashion

SURPRISE! I’ve re-done my website! Super excited to finally share this as it was a long time in the making. Let’s jump into what this blog post is about – FASHION! Last weekend I took my little cousin Zarah to New York City to see Time Square and Swan Lake. Being my mini me, I wanted to coordinate our outfits. I’ve been eyeing this jumpsuit from Lulu’s for some time now – although the back of the jumpsuit is really what makes it so gorgeous, it was absolutely fall weather that day… so my jacket was not coming off haha! I loved the wide leg pants of this which made me feel a lot less self conscious about my wider hip section. Of course I paired it with my go to converse sneakers because what else would I be wearing while walking all over Manhattan? Continue reading “NYC Weekend Fashion”

Quick belated OOTD: Dynamite jumpsuit

Recently I had my little cousin’s Christening – I saw this jumpsuit in Dynamite and fell in love. Not only was the color something new (well at least this shade of blue) but I LOVED the slits in the front! It was the perfect in between of pants and the flow of a dress. Anything with wide legs also is a favorite of mine. It gives my body shape a straighter look when the focus becomes on my waist rather than the curves of the lower half of my body. What are you favorite styled jumpsuits?

Can’t forget about the necklace… another find in Dynamite 😘

xx Sarah